Sewage Treatment Equipment

Sewage Treatment Equipment

MS DS belt filter press machine

It is Mainly used for pulp material inspissation’s washing and dirty mud dehydration ,which is in four areas, namely gravity dehydration, wedge  re-pressure dehydration , involution dehydration, cutting dehydration .instead of the Frame Filter Press and centrifuge inspissation’s machines, That is the ideal equipment of pulp washing and dirty mud dewatering .

MS FSLT series air floatation machine

MS FSLT Series Air Floatation Sewage Machine is of steel structure, its working principle is: with pump the air is feed into the tank and being dissolved under the pressure 0.5 Mpa to be forced dissolved in water, the sudden release of the circumstances, the dissolution The air in the water precipitates to form to a large number of micro-bubble group, the slow rise in the process of absorption of suspension so that the density of suspended solids floating drop, to remove SS and CODcr purposes. This machine is adapted to treat sewage comes from production of petroleum, chemical, paper, leather, printing and dyeing, food, starch, etc.

MS LW series tiny filter machine (Fibre recycling

The equipment is a new development micro porous filter which is absorbed New Zealand perfect technology, aiming at China’s national conditions. Widely applicable to the various necessaries occasions for  solid-liquid separation such as life municipal sewage, papermaking, textiles, dyeing and  Chemical effluent filtration, especially in the white water treatment of papermaking ,It will achieved the obtruding  and recycling purpose.

MS ZSW series place buries the type sanitary sewage handling equipment

Buries the type sanitary sewage handling equipment to use the international advanced biological treatment craft, the collection removes BOD5, COD, NH3-N in a body, has the technical performance stably reliable, the processing effect is good, the investment province, occupies a land area few, maintains merits and so on convenience. The equipment embedment below the surface, the equipment above surface may take the forestation or other land, does not need to construct housing and to heat, the heat preservation. The second-level biology catalytic oxidation processing craft uses the drift type biology catalytic oxidation, its processing effect surpasses complete mixed style or the second-level series complete mixed style biology contact oxidation pond. And cuts the active sludge impoundment volume to be small, adding water archery target compatible, bears the impact load performance to be good, the water leakage water quality is stable, will not have the sludge bulking. 

In the pond uses the new elastic three-dimensional padding, the surface area is big, micro organism Yi Guamo, escapes the membrane, under the same organic matter load condition, is high to the organic matter elimination rate, can enhance in the air the oxygen in the water the solubility. The biochemistry pond uses the biological contact oxo-process, its padding’s volume load is quite low, the micro organism is in own oxidized step to break, produces the putty quantity to be few, only needs three months (90 days) above to arrange time putty (or dehydrates filter cake foreign shipment with dung cart suction). This buries the type sanitary sewage handling equipment to deodorize the way to eliminate uses the conventional upper air exhaust, in addition has the soil air sweetening measure. The entire equipment processing system has the completely automatic electric control system and the equipment failure alarm system, the movement safe reliable, usually generally does not need the specialist to manage, only need at the right moment carry on the maintenance and the maintenance to the equipment.

MS FQZ series shallow layer air floatation machine

The new highly effective shallow layer gas floats machine, is Our company according to the overseas newest technology, and unifies our country sewage treatment system’s actual situation, experiments, the use, the improvement through near ten years to become unceasingly, the new highly effective shallow layer gas floats machine and the traditional gas floats machine compares, changes the static state to enter the water – dynamic water leakage for dynamic to enter the water – static state water leakage, causes suspension (SS) vertical to float in the relatively static environment on the water surface, the sewage in purifies in the pond only to need 2-3min, the processing efficiency is extremely high. The domestic more than 20 chemical pulping, half chemical pulp, scrap paper units and so on papermaking factory and chemical, leather making urban sewage, use Our company’s gas to float machine, has attained a designated standard the emissions completely; And unifies uses my factory independently to develop has the international advanced level medicament, the cost reduces greatly, is only the original medication cost 2/3.

MS SWZ whorl concave air float sewage treatment equipment

MS FCZ series air floatation type sewage decontamination Clarifying machine is the latest product which is researched and developed by our company through the introduction of foreign technology. It obtains the Shandong province environmental protection product use approval certificate. The system’s removal rate of COD and BOD, SS is more than 85% and 90% respectively. It has the advantages of low energy cost, high efficiency, economical operation, simple operation, low investment cost, small ground occupation and the others. It is widely used in the industrial sewage and municipal sewage’s reaching Standards treatment in the industries of papermaking, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, oil refining, starch and foodstuff.

MS WYZ advection dissolves was mad that the gas floats

The body of device uses the steel plate knee bend to become, through the channel steel and the angle steel reinforcement is a whole, responded that in the pond disposes the response mixer, and guaranteed that the sewage and the medicament responded fully. The catchments system perforates the catchments by the cloth water pipe.

Releases head’s working pressure: Above 2.5Kg/cm3, that is can work effectively.

Dissolves the gas storage holder: Uses the jet flow type to dissolve is mad the instalment, enters the water air admission basis to dissolve in gas storage holder’s pressure automatic control, no need specialist operates.

Water flow of dissolving air: May act according to the different suspension density or the water body nature adjustment dissolves is mad the water volume.

Equipment material quality and anticorrosion: Equipment internal anticorrosion epoxy coal tar anticorrosion. After exterior uses iron oxide red antirust paint two, spurts from does hammer finish two.

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