Waste Paper Breaking Up and Wiping Off Impurity Equipment

Waste Paper Breaking Up and Wiping Off Impurity Equipment


The equipment has used “D” shape trough body and out of centre position fukes rotor which is of energy conservation, the waste paper and the rotor will touch more rapidly, the frequency will be higher. Herewith, it will largely reduce the break-up time, in the situation of not increasing the power and capacity, It will improve the productivity. The rotor and the thick liquid plate are higher than the trough bottom plane, a low pressure area will be formed around the rotor, the rough impurity will be coming into the sediment well via heavy dregs orifice in the processing, and the dregs will be vented regularly by the grab.

The MS D type water power pulp kneader generally uses chain conveyor feed, outfitting rope crab machine in order to take out the plastic sack, the rope, the iron wire, twining impurity and so on. This is a recommended rope crab machine model as the 1SJL draft showing, for reducing the fibre to drain .Generally uses the impurity separating machine to process useful impurity in order to recycle the good thick liquid.

Ragger / Twisted rope



STY series drum screen

MS STY series drum screen is rough choosing equipment in the waste paper recycling product line, fixed behind hydra pulper to process the big and heavy impurities which come from the waste paper pulp coming out from the waterpower pulp machine and is to reduce this to ensure the quality.

FFDZ duplex fibre separator

The production is a multi-performance stock preparation, which has broke-up the purification and choosing into one. It is the first election equipment to produce higher and middle grade of paper. It is mainly composed of two parts: First, the breaking part, second, the part of the pressure screening. It has many advantages of compact structure, the exception of impurity effects multi function in one machine.

FDZ series single fibres separator

Fibre separator is pulp screening equipment, which uses the proportion between fibre and impurities to get rid of all kinds of waste paper impurities with separation, choosing combination and relief. The machine has three elementary functions such as, the second relief, light impurity separation, cleaning out the heavy rough waste materials by outfitting the flow of fibre separator; the inferior waste paper will be used. Which can reduce the pre-treatment process and increase the hydraulic pulper production capacit

FXDZ single effect fibre separator

The equipment is an improved type based on Taiwan machine, which uses to further loosing and coarse impurities and separation of the waste paper. It can be used for the main flow or screening tailings of rough processing, matched with hydraulic pulper, avoiding impurities to break-up completely. Thereby, reducing the burden of follow-up equipment, meanwhile the hydraulic pulper will increase sieve aperture.

GGZ series drum pulper

The equipment may directly process various scrap papers without selecting, and single machine may perform continuous break-up and rough screening. It can also carry out chemical de-inking processing at one time, with the characteristic of lowest energy, low break-up rate of impurity and fibre. It can mostly keep textile fibre and the completely remove the plastics and the fabrics in the raw materials without selecting, especially, wet strength paper, that harms peptic matter in the papermaking flow.

GCSZ series vertical super high-density hydra pulper

MS GCSZ series vertical super high-density hydra pulper is one kind of new-brand, more high-effect device developed by our company under the traditional high-density pulper. The bigger overall cast of rotor can be more beneficial for rubbing the fibre. Higher speed can be more beneficial for tearing the fibre. Aligning the lower support can be more effective to make up the defects that the bearings centre between traditional pulper is too small. Therefore, MS GCSZ series vertical super high-density hydra pulper has the advantages of pulping, especially pulping special kind of paper like wet strong paper. When waste paper de-inking, due to higher of pulping consistency, it can effectively improve the same amount of chemical raw materials ratio of the slurry, due to increased efficiency in energy conservation has greatly improved water on the concentration increase per unit area increased the number of fibres, reducing pulp beating presser of single fibre, then more effective protection of the fibre length.

JGSZ series energy conservation hydra pulper

The equipment is the energy conservation products based on the original MS GSZ series stand high thick waterpower pulp machine modified. Uses the unique up-transmission design and the bottom flotation technology, under the precondition of original MS GSZ  which is highly effective, fast break-up characteristic , the outfit power will reduce to 50% so that it achieves the energy conservation effect. Non-bearing room and non-packing seal in the bottom, which does not need to vindicate, no need to worry about the water and thick liquid leakage forever. The up-transmission device with the unique water cooling to reduce speed, universal joint, the low rate of malfunction and it is easy to service.

GSZ series vertical high-density hydra pulper

The equipment has the rotor with many spiral leaf blades ,the pulp density can reach over 14%, the running machine may bring the huge textile fibre friction force that pulp flow from down to top and up to down with the thick liquid quality is even. Specially, when uses in de-inking thick liquid, under the friction of the highly concentrated paper pulp fibre force through the chemicals function, which can take off the printing ink effect that rapidly increase from the fibre surface. It is the important equipment to process the each waste paper and de-inking pulp.

2WSZ series double vortexes hydra pulper

The equipment is designed according to the water power whirlpool principle. Compares with the single whirlpool pulper, it will save electricity move than 40%, using double transmission, double knives panel and add the water power shearing force, which will urge the waste paper to accelerate hydration. This machine has the advantages of design reasonable and novel, simple operation.

FZZ series impurity separator

The crash panel adopt P.S Fukesi rotor, the interval may adjust between the rotor and sieve plate. That is the ideal low density continuously crash equipment for waste paper, damages the paper, the commodity pulp board.

WSZ series horizontal type hydra pulper

MS FZ series impurity separator mainly uses to separate light-heavy paper from waste paper and continue to break-up the pulp twice times from the pulp kneader.

The equipment collects break-up, separating light-heavy function in one body, whose structure is compact, the efficiency is high, It may be simply the waste paper processing flow, and enable the equipment continuous working, reduce energy consumption. 

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