Mechanical pulping equipment

NBH Middle-density hydraulic pressure disk grinder

This machine can be completely instead of traditional the low-consistency disk refiner and the conical refiner. It has advantages of saving water, the electricity saving, to enhance merits and so on paper physics intensity index. This machine also has the self-absorption function; the absolution supplies the thick liquid pump. The beating density is 6%~12% is suitable in hits the chemical pulp or grinds is high rate half chemical pulp. Not only after it may take the steam boiling, the wash, thick liquid beating equipment, also before may take the paper machine, thin thick liquid the fine thick liquid equipment. Widely is suitable the beating which in the waste paper pulp, the grass class thick liquid, the broad-leaf wood-pulp, the needle wood-pulp and so on each kind of thick liquid plants. Uses the Sweden SKF seeker precision bearing, guarantees the mechanical operation steady reliable and used the newest technology theoretical design the micro section tooth grain to guarantee the thick beating desired effect. Uses the rare earth alloy manufacture the micro section life to be longer.

LYWS series double-wire press filter

 LYWS the series double-wire press filter introduces the vanguard technology from the US, after the digestion absorption, develops one successful kind of thick liquid concentration handling equipment, can filter pressing massive Paper pulp continuously. The product uses the high strength material manufacture, has the big handling ability, the high dehydrated efficiency, and the low power consumption, low service life and so on outstanding feature, and widely applies in the paper making profession. 

Simultaneously uses the high quality to filter the belt, guarantees filter press’s performance and the quality.The double-wire press filter divides into the gravity dehydration, the pressure dehydration, squeezing dehydrates three steps to carry on the dehydrated concentration the function.

HPDZ High Consistency Refiner

It is suitable for skiving of chemical pulp, semi-chemical mechanical pulp, quenching high -rate pulp and fibreboard materials. Using compulsory feeding system, whether the pulp made of complex trees, material with larger difference or remaining the leftover material after timberprocessing, such as wood parings, sawdust, pulp residue and the quenching reed pieces  rice wheat grass, cotton stalks, they are all separated to become quality fibre through its high speed eddy and appropriate mill piece clearance. Specially be applicable for non-polluting and semi-mechanical pulp making of rice wheat grass, cotton stalks, and also be used for other high-consistency pulp beating.

JXJZ double spiral thread rolling machine

For the directly rough pulping of the raw materials such as waste paper, straw and wheat grass, the sugar cane dregs reed, wood pieces, bamboo pieces, cotton stalks, maize stalks, wood paring, sawdust, wood chips, wood, linen, wood branches, shrubs,  the raw materials may be treated as velour’s fibres by this machine. It can directly crank out high quality mechanical pulp which is strong absorbing ink, high opacity, and soft smooth. When boiling to soak in advance, it can increase to load ball quantity, shorten boiling time, and reduce quantity of chemicals. In another way, adopting the raw materials of pre-treatment and working in high thickness mill, the full chemical pulp, full chemical blanching pulp ,half chemical-mechanical pulp and cooling method high rate mechanical pulp, which will be cranked out to different standard pulp.  Use of this mechanism for mechanical pulp will not have waste water to release in the production process accordingly it achieves cleaning production.

LMZ Coarse Refiner

Mostly used for the mechanical pulp making of Straw raw materials. It can replace traditional-type beating machine. The equipment consists of composite rotor, flying cutter, bottom knife, belt wheel, tank, motor and other components. Working Principle is that the raw materials enters into stirred cage through the stuff orifice, utilizing the reciprocity between flying cutter and bottom knife to extrusion each other, friction will bring thread broom . It can dissolve different degree pulp via adjusting the clearance of flying cutter and bottom knife.

GLSZ double screw rod multi-function pulpers

The double screw rod multi-function pulpers are key equipment in the chemistry pulp making machine processing, collection pulping, blanching, beating, wash in a whole, simplified the technical process. This equipment has the good grinding paste function and the highly effective mixing function under the high consistency can complete the response fully using the pulp friction heat, saves energy, simultaneously this equipment may also apply in the plastic and the food industry.

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