Screening Purification Equipment

Screening Purification Equipment

400HK highly effective heavy impurity cleaner

The 400HK highly effective heavy impurity cleaner is developed by New-Ridong machine shop new development kind of highly effective low thick heavy impurity cleaner. The main body material quality has the high quality stainless steel and the wear-resisting nylon and so on for the user free choice, gets down the awl is the wear-resisting ceramic material quality.

This product synthesizes the domestic and foreign newest research results and has many creative designs: The contraction rectangle tangent enters the thick liquid mouth, the cushion separation cone, the arc contraction cone curve, the constant platoon dregs rate awl mouth, the combination collection dregs trough and so on, solved the Heavy tar skim gate textile fibre to drain.

GSCZ double cone high-efficient and high-density cleane

Mainly used for high-thickness separation in the waste water treatment process after hydra pulper pulp, such as sand, book nails, pieces of iron and other heavy impurities. It can also be used for low-enriched pre-screening of the impurity separation to chemical pulp. for the protection of a next process after the screening to relief equipment sieve plate, the stator, grinding so that it can reduce the pressure for low-enriched screening. 

The equipment is available in stainless steel, ceramics, wearable materials bottle and manual, automatic relief way.


KSZ vibrating screen

This is used for pulp roughing and purification. the joints, film and other impurities will weed out through Frequency vibration in the rough slurry .the fine pulp will go into a next process. This equipment has advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, low production cost, higher production efficiencywhich is the ideal size screening equipment. The equipment has three types such as, high-frequency vibration-frame, high-frequency self-vibration-type, low frequency self- washing.

1LSZ series rotary-wing screen

Mainly used for the low concentration pulp screening pre-wire in the transportation system. Remove out the fibre ball and other non-fibrous impurities, which is the traditional pre-screening network equipment with high efficiency, self-cleaning, low noise characteristics.

2LSZ series high consistency pressure screen

Mainly used for the high concentration screening of pulping, bleaching and de-inking section, which also can be used for low concentration screening before the paper machine technique has widely applicability. According to the shape of screening impurities to choose  hole-shaped sieve plate (move out long, Diamond impurities) and the slit-shaped sieve plate (move out particles shape impurities and emplastic).

3LSZ series inflow pressure screen

Mainly used for pulping system of each kind of paper pulp to screen. Also instead of traditional the rotary-wing screen to pulp screening before the paper machine. which has the advantages of big output ,the low pulse, difficult to block, the low power consumption, long service life and so on.

4LSZ series upflow pressure screen

Widely used in all kinds of rough picking of pulp, choiceness and paper machine screen, belongs to outflow screen. Due to its unique up flow structure and distributary’s design of light-heavy impurities, which has the specially good effect to hold up and move out. So this machine is particularly applicable for the waste book that is sensitive to pectin to regeneration pulp screening of de-inking paper and tissue. Also that is the ideal choiceness equipment for renewable newsprint and other waste paper pulping, chemical pulping.

5LSZ series low pulse pre-wire screen

The equipment is a special filtration machine for paper sizing system. The inner and outer streamline structure, the high-precision adjustable drum and configure inside and outside, reasonable shape, layout, which realizes that low pulse operates to pulp filtration. Pulp fibres, fillers and additives are fully dispersed, the transit capacity improved obviously, which is an ideal front net screen for delivery process flow with the high efficiency and low energy consumption. The machine features is less power than traditional front net screen and energy-saving effect is remarkable.

6LSZ series up flow grading screen

MS 6LSZ series up flow grading screen is the latest generation product with patent technology. It is especially designed for recycled waste paper pulp and fibre grading and screening. It has the functions of both grading the fibre, according to their length, and pulp stock screening. It has the advantages of lower energy consumption, accounting for only less than 1/3 of the traditional grading screen, strong fibre grading power and high efficiency of removal of impurities.

LSZ series centrifugal screen

This product are called the CX screen, belongs to a pressure screen. Mainly used for the screening of all kinds of pulp and before pulp coyness. It has features of high efficiency less leaking of pulp, no sizing, no plug, easy operation and maintenance and so on. Especially, is suitable for the waste corrugated paper pulp that no strict requirement and semi-chemical pulp production.

Rejects separator

Rejects separator is popular the various European countries in the last few years in the scrap paper pulping flow tail thick liquid processing special purpose equipment. The use effect is good. This machine has characteristics of high textile fibre rate, and low disposal cost. Mainly uses in the choosing of coarse screening after the fibre separator, duplex fibre separator and the pressure screen, after separation arranges in the tailings not to contain the textile fibre, conforms to the environmental protection emission standard. This product is introduces by Austrian VOITH Corporation, after diligently, already voluntarily developed the manufacture in every way by Our company, is in the manufacture domestically scrap paper pulping flow processes the tail thick liquid the ideal equipment.

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