Technical Support

Free 24/7 Support

Phone:+ 92 (0) 41 8861153

In order to guarantee technical support outside of normal working hours, week-ends and public holidays, Microstar machines provides a round-the-clock (24/7) telephone and remote modem technical support service.
This service is free of charge for the life of the machine.

Remote Control

This important service module allows our technical specialists to perform immediate on-line remote diagnostics so they can quickly identify the nature of the problem and type of remedial intervention required. By connecting on-line to the local corrugator supervisory control system, we are instantly able to check and monitor all relevant production parameters and to remotely carry out any adjustments accordingly.

This remote support service is provided by Microstar completely free of charge for the life of the machine. The proven success of Microstar‘s remote support service means that customers can almost always have the problem solved remotely on-line completely avoiding the need and cost of the dispatch of a field service engineer to site.

To Contact Technical Support

Phone: + 92 (0) 41 8861153
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