Customer Satisfaction

Process & Setting

Service focused on quality improvement, the resolution of process problems and production improvement.
Reduction of waste by seeking the optimal settings for main qualities produced, optimizing production speeds. Eliminating bottlenecks by redefining performance and quality objectives are the main target of the service.

Pro/Care follow up

Our Digital Innovation Specialists actively and constantly support predictive assistance thanks to the management of information received from the Pro/Care system:
Reporting, analysis of critical activities and optimization of spare parts needed complete the picture of the services offered by the package.

Performance & Production

A particular focus on the availability of the plant, combined with the search for increased productivity and reduced waste.
Elimination (or identification) of bottlenecks, areas of operational comfort, incorrect practices and quality problems.
Fosber America’s joint venture with Tiruna America perfectly compliments the services it provides to customers through the integration of a local and responsive support for the supply and servicing of corrugating rolls.

OEE Improvement

OEE Improvement is a continuous improvement program of all KPIs through specific consultancy.
The object of the package is to measure the deviation from the set objectives and define the areas of intervention and priorities for achieving the targets through a cost / benefit analysis (ROI)


Fine tuning and installation of customized utilities. Boost electronic efficiency through latest software releases.
Continuous search for highest availability, machine cycles improvements(as order change, stacking quality, etc.) are the primary target of this service.

Fosber Corrugator Maintenance

Minimising downtime through Preventive Maintenance Programs.
Our Preventive Maintenance Programs are dedicated additional services for customers whether they have purchased a full corrugator line or just a single machine unit. Our preventative maintenance contracts are studied and structured on a personalised basis by our technical experts to ensure that the corrugator line efficiency, the quality of the finished product and the duration of all consumable products constantly remain at the highest levels over time.

Field services

This group of technical experts, fully supported by a team of mechanical, electrical and software design engineers is at complete disposal to provide total solutions for any request or need for technical assistance. A specifically designed IT system has been developed to ensure that customers are constantly updated on the live status of any ongoing active request for technical support.
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